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Mechanical engineer

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Cadir Samir
English, Russian, Turkish and Kazakh

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Mechanical & Piping Supervisor
Piping Engineer
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Bonatti Spa Kazakhstan (from: Apr-2010 - Aug-2011)
Mechanical & Piping Supervisor
More information:
Control and monitor ongoing works.
Attend safety meetings, tool box talks; carry out site HSE checks, risk assessments.
Handle the technical aspects of PTW (permit to work) requests, Job Risk Assessment Meeting (JSEA).
Liaise with engineering disciplines to effect solutions to engineering queries.
Preparation of work packs including materials, drawings reviews, testing requirement, specialist tools and equipment.
Monitor technical performance and intervene as required to ensure compliance with HSE, Quality, Schedule and cost expectation.
Propose, take and follow up on corrective actions as required.
Check material quality and provide that all field tests are made according to project technical documents and applicable codes and specifications.
Responsible with installation of static and rotating equipment including: pressure vessels, columns, reactors, filters, checking after the installation, to verify if they are properly installed, according to the project.
Final box-up of the static equipments in the moment when pressure testing activities on piping was completed, temporary blinds was removed, the final gaskets installed and manholes finally closed using final gaskets. Issue the form for the final box-up.
Supervise the installation of all equipment, carrying out all alignment, installation and checking of all vessel internals, and carrying out final closure of all vessels.
Supervise activities as changing out valves, removing and replacing pipe work.
Supervise of installing of the new pipe, integrate new installed pipe in the system.
Planning and prepare test pack.
Prepare pipe systems for hydro test, flushing, drying and blowing activities.
Supervise reinstatement (final installation) of pipe, prepare flange for bolting and torque activities, according with flange management.
Assist leak test activities.
Prepare re-commissioning activities.
Prepare weekly and/or daily reports with progress of the construction work to his hierarchical superiors.
Participate in approval of proposed resolutions and monitoring completion of corrective actions to close non-conformance.
Manpower & Man-Hour control.
Manage multicultural team 25 workers (pipe fitters, locksmiths, fire watcher and unskilled workers); Kazakhs, Thailand’s, Turkish’s, Russian, Philippines).
Rominserv from Rompetrol group (from: Nov-2007 - Mar-2010)
Mechanical Supervisor
More information:
Work as contractor representative on site and office dealing in the mechanical and piping aspects of the projects which includes estimating, planning, scheduling, materials take off, materials control, monitor activities and projects reports.
Assist the Field Procurement Supervisor in the inspection and reception of needed materials for the project and storage in good condition before using.
Assist Project Manager on piping and mechanical related problems to obtain vendor information, substitutions and other design related piping and mechanical problems.
Prepare and monitor all activities (review drawings, material request, fabrication, erection, commissioning and start-up) for revamp and refurbishments of various valves, tanks, vessels and others equipments.
Make sure Subcontractors observe safety procedures and job site activity regulations and oblige them to eliminate any dangerous situation.
Monitor Subcontractor execution of the work in order to maintain the program.
Monitor and inspect shop activities (pipes, supports, steel structure and equipments fabrication) for different project activities.
Inspect site activities related with piping works and equipment installation (pressure vessels, process columns, reactors, separators, heat exchangers, storage tanks and pumps) to be carried out in compliance with project specification and within the scheduled time.
Plan and schedule the hydrostatic testing, pneumatic testing, air blowing, water flushing, steam blowing and pipe drying according with test pack.
Assure that all works are carried out on schedule, otherwise check deficiency and refer for Field Superintendent/Construction Manager, in order to promptly define and implement corrective actions that permit to comply with the schedule.
Carry out final inspection of installed piping and inline equipment, issue punch lists and supervise completion of rectifying works.
Participate in the development of Commissioning dossiers and reports. Prepare, plane and execute of mechanical commissioning activities and start-up.
Monitor progress measurement is properly applied and information flow is correct and complete.
Cost control for mechanical and piping activities.
Upgrade project cost reporting and provide summary analysis.
Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries (from: Jan-2007 - Nov-2007)
Lead Group Engineer
More information:
Coordinate to install all outfitting parts (pipe & fittings, foundations and seat for machinery, ladders, handrails, hand-grip, platforms, joinery work, cable tray and electrical foundations, pumps, heaters and various equipments).
Check the full and perfect implementation of procedures, specifications and rules according with standards requirements.
Ensure the erection in compliant with Quality requirements.
Follow and manage the fabrication of skid units and piping according to the project requirements and to report the activities progress and all the technical problems to be solved.
Organize and manage construction of Purifier HFO and LO system, Main engine jacket fresh water cooling system, Main engine LO cooling system, Central fresh water cooler, Main engine Generator engine Auxiliary boiler fuel oil supply, Fresh water generators, FW & SW Cooling Pumps, Sea Chest filters installation, Small E/R tanks fitting from the Skid frame (structure), piping fabrication, after follow assembly of this skid (also PWHT, hydro tests, sandblasting, panting).
Inspecting materials received in the warehouse when required, to ensure compliance with codes, standards and specifications.
Daily follow up of progress and subcontractor manpower based on the time schedules for the scope.
Participate in approval of proposed resolutions and monitoring completion of corrective actions to close non-conformance.
Participate in the weekly subcontractor production meetings.
Ensure the production as expected by the time schedule.
Load analysis, control of productivity, man hour and man power control.
Prepare monthly schedule for section activities.
Interface with QA/QC, Owner’s Representative and Class Surveyor.
Manage team with 125 people (engineers, foreman’s, pipe fitters, welders and locksmiths).
Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries (from: May-2002 - Jan-2007)
Piping Engineer
More information:
In charge for supervise piping activities (pipe and pipe support manufacturing and install).
Give technical advice, when is necessary, for the Non Conformance (NCR) and Field
Change Request.
Verify the End of Manufacturing Reports (EMR) and End of Manufacturing Certificates (EMC) issued by Contractors.
Ensure the production as expected by the time schedule.
Check of material availability.
Checks and solve technical interfaces within my scope of work.
Continuously review and update fabrication priorities.
Propose, take and follow up on corrective actions as required.
Calculate required sizes and angles of pipe assembly components including fittings.
Select size, schedule, gauge, grade and quantity of pipe and pipe fittings.
Check and monitor preservation, pipe internal cleaning.
Coordinate the final treatment of pipe; acid cleaning or sandblasting, galvanizing treatment, final painting.
Apply pipe protection after treatment.
Prepare weekly and/or daily reports with progress of the construction work to hierarchical superiors.
Maintain updated all schedules, collecting actual data, evaluating dates to completion and project delays by effective monitoring of actual progress and productivity compared with the scheduled baselines.




Computer skills:

Microsoft Office, Internet, CMMS

Other skills/competences:

Ability to establish and maintain good working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.
Availability, flexibility, quick adaptability to work conditions and quick learner.
Abilities of communicating and coordinating with a team.
Excellent ability to plan, organize and prioritize my work.
Responsible for quality assurance and control in own organization.
Good knowledge about DIN, JIS, ASME standards.
License Category B