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Naval Engineer

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Maraloi Nicolae Muguras

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Naval engineer
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Daewoo Mangalia Shipyard, Mangalia, Romania (from: Sep-2003 - present)
Estimator abd Deputy Manager
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-receives and overlooks the received inquiries;
-issues technical data sheet for each individual project;
-promotion of the yard and market enlargement/ strengthening;
-keep, reviews and overlook the current correspondence;
-tenders issue and overlook;
-issues and preliminary plan, schedule, organize and participate to periodical business trips;
-reviews and if necessary correct the correspondence issued by marketing estimators, prior final approval by marketing senior manager;
-keeps current telecommunication with regular, new and potential clients concerning monthly / annual repair schedule;
-guides, if necessary, during tenders issuing for commercial or technical matters;
-issue in emergency cases tender(s), for urgent demanded project(s);
-overlooks issued tenders, in case of the new come person, has the obligation to overlook in detail and correct eventual error(s);
-preparing and negotiating the offer for booking the vessel;
-in case of booking the vessel, preparing the production schedule together with representatives from production department and the designated vessel's Ship Repair Manager (SRM);
-participating on detailed vessel's inspection upon arrival (steel, coating, piping, mechanicals), mainly;
-reviewing the critical items, together with Owner's / Class's representatives, vessel's SRM and Yard's technicians;
-supervising the repairs carried out on board the vessel inside the yard together with vessel's SRM, maintaining a close contact with Yard's production departments as well as with Owner's representative, reporting the overall progress directly to ship repair division management;
-participating on final deliveries for the critical items;
-preparing the Proforma Invoice and Final Invoice together with vessel's SRM, participating in negotiating the Final Invoice;
-among the many vessels I was in charge with during the Daewoo Mangalia period, I mention herewith below some of them:
M.T. "Alfios" ( from Pleaides Shipping - Greece), a 1981-built Panamax - size crude oil tanker, N.K.K. class, 2003, on which it renewed around 150 tons of steel mainly on ballast tanks followed by tank re - coating operations, as well as various mechanical works, including main engine Mitsubishi MAN 14V 52/55 complete overhauling;
O.B.O "Alkman" ( from Orpheus Marine Transport Corp. - Greece), a 1980 - built Panamax - size ore / bulk / oil carrier, L.R.S. class, 2003. The vessel renewed some 220 tons of steel, ballast tank coating restoration (some 55% of SA1 - SA2 gritblasting) as well as various mechanical jobs like main engine overhauling, cargo pumps overhauling, etc.;
M.T. "Star 2" ( from Centrofin Management Inc. - Greece), 2003, a 1982-built Aframax - size crude oil tanker, L.R.S. class, on which it was renewed around 140 tons of steel, forepeak ballast tank coating restoration mechanical works;
M.T. "Ladon", 2004 N.K.K. class, 1980's - built Aframax size crude-oil tanker, 100 tons of stell renewal in way of d/b tanktop, cargo holds area;
O.B.O "Mara", ( from Scorpio Ship Management - Italy), 2004, 1980-built Panamax oil/bulk carrier, 200 tons steel renewal and 15 ballast tank recoating;
Reffer vessels "Chiquita Joy" ( Star Reefers - Cyprus), "Amalia"/ "Tasman star" ( Holly House Shipping - Sweden) - D.N.V. / N.K.K. class, 2004 - steel renewal and mechanicals, electrical;
MV "ROS", MV "HUTA ZGODA", MV "LEGIONY POLSKIE" ( Polish Steam Company - Poland - DNV / PRS class, 2005/2006 - especially structural steel and soft steel renewal and mechanicals.
Daewoo Mangalia Shipyard, Mangalia, Romania (from: Aug-2000 - Sep-2003)
Ship Repair Manager (SRM)
More information:
-analyzing vessel's specifications and repair contract prior vessel's arrival inside shipyard's premises;
-preparing the Master Schedule, identifying critical items;
-participating on detailed vessel's inspection (steel, coating, piping, mechanicals) together with Owner's / Class representatives and Yard's technicians;
-supervising in detail all the repairs carried out onboard the vessel and managing production's department resources for the ship in-charged with;
-reporting the progress of the works directly to shipyard division management;
-participating on final deliveries for the critical items;
-preparing the Proforma Invoice and Final Invoice together with Team Manager, participating in negotiating the Final Invoice.
-Some projects in - charge with during this period:
M.T. "Leni" ( from Centrofin Management Inc. - Greece), 2001, a 20.000 DWT oil product tanker, A.B.S. class, on which it was renewed all the heating coils in all the cargo tanks and underwater an extensive rudder-damage repair ( including complete removing / refitting of rudder, rudder stock, rudder carrier, and steering gear) and had various mechanical work onboard, including main engine Mitsubishi - Sulzer 5RND 76M complete overhauling;
"Janis Guzzle" / "Marie Flood" ( from Teco Ocean Shipping - U.S.A.), 2002, an articulated (artubar) tug and its associated bulk - carrier barge, A.B.S. class, on which it was renewed around 190 tons of steel, tank coating restoration within double bottom i.w.o #3 and #4, hatch covers (pontoon type) repairs as well as various mechanical jobs onboard;
M.T. "Evrotas" ( from Pleiades Shipping Agency - Greece), 2002. a 1980- built Panamax - size crude oil tanker, A.B.S. class, on which the Yard renewed around 250 tons of steel with the vessel alongside as well as various mechanical works;
M.T. "Racer" (O.M.C.I. - India), 2002 a 1989-built 30.000 DWT oil-products tanker, D.N.V. class, with renewing of many piping lines, on deck, cargo tanks and engine room, various mechanicals, including complete overhauling for two Kosaka - built twin screw cargo pumps and one of its associated gear box;
M.V. "APOLONIA" ( from All Oceans Shipping - UK), 2003, a 2002 built 30.000 DWT bulk carrier, ABS class, bottom damage - steel renewal 100 t.



Sep-1994 - Jun-1997
Organization: Technical College of Galati, Romania
More information: Newbuilding vessels

Sep-1990 - Jun-1994
Organization: "Nicolae Iorga" , Braila, Romania
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MS Office

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Driving license "B"