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Production engineer

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Adrian Narcis Crainiceanu
English, French

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Oil and Gas Industry
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- PETROM, Field cluster PETROMAR CONSTANTA, Romania (from: Jul-1998 - present)
Production engineer / production department head
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OFFSHORE - Oil and gas production in the Black Sea, to a fixed platforms (jackets for production), and mobile jack-up auto elevate, oil rig platforms.
Planning: Training on line HSEQ all subordinate employees, foremen and extraction operators. Planning production and establish the necessary materials, chemicals, spare parts, tools, devices and equipment, necessary for the efficient running of the process productive. Align oneself with compartment mechanical energy, for making revisions and routine repairs.
2)Coordination: tracking and verification activities by the staff compartment of production, monitoring their activities in carrying out the work program and grant technical assistance.
3)Technical: Tracking and monitoring of oil production and keeping a strict oil and gas production from oil wells. Correct calibration and tracking establish monitoring, the evolution of their. Daily dose of chemicals for the production process related fluids (oil, water, gas) and verify the correct calibration of pump dispensers. Coordination technique to pipe-line scraper (go-devil), control nozzles at the swivel flow head, operations and interventions to wells, de waxing with wire-line installation, gas compression compressor VPT, supervision of all personnel and production process on a offshore oil and gas rig platform extraction.
4)Report: superior information directly (head of platform) on the quality of works executed, disorders arising in the production process, abnormalities occurring in the facility, citing the decisions made and making proposals for return to normal production process or to improve production.
PETROM S.A. - Field Ticleni, Gorj, Romania (from: Jun-1994 - Jun-1998)
Chief Driller
More information:
Execution of intervention programs for oil wells, replacement of P type pumps, wells equipped with gas-lift valves, mechanical dewaxing oil wells, the pipelines.
PETROM S.A. - Field Ticleni, Gorj, Romania (from: Feb-1992 - Jun-1994)
Chief flow station
More information:
Tracking and monitoring of oil and gas production for existing wells, coordinate measuring and reporting activities of the oil tanks, gas-lift distributor, technical assistance intervention bands.
Operating systems - natural eruption, gas lift, pomp oil wells.



Dec-2003 - Dec-2009
Organization: Courses, certificates and awards
More information: BOSIET – HUET – Airport Tuzla –Constanta 2010;
Field - Academy - Technology of production - The Research Institute of Oil / Campina 2009;
Marine Environment Protection - National Marine Research Institute - Constanta 2004.
Basic Saffety training - Romanian Maritime Trainig Centre - CERONAV,Constanta 2004;
HSEQ Awereness Training Program - Business Scope 2005.

Sep-1989 - Jul-1992
Organization: Institute of Oil and Gas Wells
More information: Faculty of Drilling Wells and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Resources

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MS Office

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Secondary operating systems, artificial lift, ESP, gas lift, pumping with poles, natural eruption, separation of production systems, biphasic, triphasic, heating oil, average depth and equipping wells with specific offshore wells, surface equipment used to store production (tanks of oil), measuring production wells (calibration), the measurement gas using device diaphragm Daniel's, recorders pressure differential Barton, volume measurement(flow-meters Nixon,Halliburton),net oil computers(NOC),determining doses of chemicals for addition of oil, water and gas, dosing pumps for chemicals, technical assistance the dewaxing wells, using wire-line installation, pipeline cleaning paraffin (go-devil), injection of salt water in layers, coarse filters, filter media, gas stripping columns, technical assistance to stimulate productive layers, checking and replacing nozzles at the swivel head flow, coordination and operation of parks oil and gas separators,monitoring gas compression using VPT compressors, production monitoring, gas balance.