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Drawing & Design engineer

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Cornel Mihai Panait

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Tribon M3
Container Ships
Outfitting design
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Nokia Romania (from: Mar-2010 - Jul-2010)
Operator mobile assembly
More information:
Checking PON's the beginning of an order
Checking the pieces not to have manufacturing defects
Detecting defective parts from the manufacturer
Mounting the phone in accordance with standards set by the manufacturer
Meeting the various requirements of customers about certain details of
phone (software, language, sales package)
Compliance with delivery period of the order.
Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industrie SA Romania (from: Jan-2007 - present)
More information:
Main activities:
I have to release production drawings and installation, to release materials and equipment specifications.
Revision must be made for all documents and drawings in accordance with:
- Changes of documents requested by the owner, the customer,
- Applications and approval by the Project Manager,
- All changes required by CLASS.
Prepare documentation in AutoCAD for workshops, cooperate with workshops to remedy the mistakes on ship, remedy the drawings if one system is in a way of other. Directly involved on ship.
Various steel structures, tension cables, rigging and equipment lifting, anchoring and mooring equipment supports independent steel and caps. The main structures involved: vertical stairs, railings, pedestals for equipment.
Basic design, arrangement, equipment arrangement.
Structural modeling in AutoCAD & TRIBON M3 (developing and 2D/3D structure).
Optimization and databases to make BOM (Bill of material), ROP (for request for purchase) and PML (bill of materials for purchase).
Purchase requisition to the purchasing department and another drawing revised as a result of changes requested by the owner.
Changing the calculation for the Department of Marketing and specifications for equipment.
Calculation of weights for the equipment installed.
Analyzing collision with another system such as accommodation space, walls and furniture, piping route, unit AC & ventilation ducts
3D collision filtering
Preventing errors from the owner and seller mistakes in drawings..
Patrol and control every stage of production practiced in such as assembly, installation, pre-assembly, docks, and keys.
Technical assistance for all divisions and all subcontractors; improvements to help the production and design work.
I was a trainer for TRIBON system; I had to make sure there was equipment for new employees.
Spare parts and equipment list arrangement.
Training Standards & Regulations Class (ISO9001, GL, BV, etc..)
Major projects were I have been involved:
180,000 DWT bulk carrier, Tsakos, GREECE
5560 TEU container ship, Hamburg, GERMANY SOUTH
4860 TEU container ship, - NSB-GERMANY
Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industrie SA Romania (from: Jan-2004 - Jan-2007)
Workshop designer,plate fitter ( tanker ships)
More information:
Main activities and responsibilities:
Prepare job package for workshop, directly involved in workshop for remedy mistakes



Apr-2020 - Apr-2020
Organization: "Wales College" Bucharest, Romania
More information: Mechanical and Business Management

Apr-2020 - Apr-2020
Organization: ”ION BANESCU” Mangalia, Romania
More information: High school

Computer skills:

AutoCAD 2000/2007/2010
Tribon M3

Other skills/competences:

Gas free & Hot Work Inspector Certificate by CERONAV Romania
Decision-Making techniques and Creative Problem-Solving Certificate by Daewoo Shipyard
Driving Licence B category