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Naval Engineer

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Dinu Podoleanu

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Coordinator Engineer
Tribon (M3 version)
Foran v6.0
Naval Engineer
Team leader
Coordinator Enineer
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CONTRACT DESIGN (NORTHERN) LTD, Newcastle Upon Tyne – England (from: Jan-2008 - present)
Designer (Outfitting Team)
More information:
Outfitting Design
Main activities:
• Production of installation drawings for supports (pipe, HVAC and cable tray);
• Preparing cutting information and bending information for seats plate parts;
• 2D/3D modelling HVAC trunking according with HVAC System Diagrams;
• Verify that the HVAC routing are adequate (size and location) space grabs are correct from a HVAC perspective;
• Define the location and sizes of all penetrations (according with penetration policy) required in steelwork to accommodate HVAC trunking and coamings;
• Production of installation drawings for HVAC rectangular and spiral trunking;
• Ensuring all routes are clash free and agree with 2D routing drawings & HVAC schematics and all agreed changes;
• HVAC Systems: Conditioned Air, Recirculated Air, Heated Air (Warm Air), Mechanical Exhaust Air, Protective Air, Natural(Fresh) Air, Smoke Clearance System.
Shipyard Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries, Mangalia – Romania. (from: Oct-2006 - Jan-2008)
Team Leader
More information:
Hull Design – Side Shell, Deckhouse and Transversal Bulkheads Team
• coordination and checking of assembly, cutting and bending documentation;
• in charge with quality and accuracy of the drawings sent in other departments and also for issue of drawings according with schedules;
• ensure connection with the rest of hull design and outfitting design departments;
• providing the technical assistance to all production departments;
• approval of documentation with class and owner local inspectors;
• elaboration of work activity schedules for every person;
• development of professional skills for the team members through organization
of training courses;
• coordinating every working activity in department and with the manager’s agreement other departments or activities that are related with hull design.
Shipyard Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries, Mangalia – Romania. (from: May-2003 - Oct-2006)
More information:
Hull Design – Side Shell Team
Main activities:
• coordination of hull structure information with information received from others departments (Hull Structure Design, Production Engineering and Hull Planning);
• preparing and issuing of assembly drawings according with existing shipyard technologies, standard and facilities;
• preparing cutting information (panels, internal pieces, profiles, bending profiles, beveling margins;
• elaboration of revised plans after new modifications received from the owner, registry class, nonconformity reports design mistake or production mistake;
• hull weight calculation;
• assurance of technical assistance to production division (cutting, marshaling and assembly-indoor, outdoor, dock stage).
Types of Ships:
• Container vessel 750 T.E.U. - for J.J. Sietas KG Schiffweft Gmbh Co.- Hamburg – Germany under GL Class (two ships);
• Heavy lift vessel 10700 tdw - for Volharding Group – Netherlands under GL Class (four ships);
• Container vessel 850 T.E.U. - for J.J. Sietas (two ships);
• Self unloading bulk carrier - for J.J. Sietas (one ship);
• Crude oil tanker – 69000 tdw- for L.M.Z. Company – Greece (three ships);
• Container vessel 750 T.E.U. (ice class) - for J.J. Sietas (six ships);
• Container ship 4860 T.E.U. – N.S.B. Company;
• Container ship 5560 T.E.U. – Hamburg Sudamerikansche-Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft-KG – Germany (one ship);
S.C. Axa Grup Shipping – subcontractor company of Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries (from: Aug-2002 - Jan-2003)
Coordinator Engineer
More information:
Main activity: shipbuilding (grand assembly-new buildings and repairs).
Coordinator Engineer – assurance of technical assistance, coordination and monitoring of fitters and welders for the following types of ships:
1. New Buildings Division:
• Orange juice carrier - 42500 tdw for Kleven Floro Company - Norway (erection block joints – dock stage);
• Bulk carrier for Volharding Group – Netherlands under BV Class (grand assembly for side shell blocks and bottom blocks, joints between transversal bulkheads and side shell blocks);
• Container vessel -2500 T.E.U. – for J.J. Sietas KG Schiffweft Gmbh Co.- Hamburg – Germany under GL Class (grand assembly for side shell and engine rooms blocks)
• Container Vessel – 850 T.E.U. – for J. J. Sietas (grand assembly).
2. Ship Repairs Division:
• Bulk carriers and oil tankers – replacing steel plates and profiles in different ship's zones.



Apr-1997 - Apr-2020
Organization: “Dunarea de Jos” Galati University, Naval and Electrical Engineering Faculty
More information: Naval Installations and Equipments.

Apr-1992 - Apr-1996
Organization: Industrial High School from Birlad – IT field
More information: Assistant programmer

Computer skills:

Tribon (M3 version) – Ventilation Modelling System;
Piping Modelling System;
Structure Modelling System;
Hull Planar Modelling System;
Hull Nesting System (plates, flat bars and angle).
Foran v6.0 – Fpipe and Fdesign (HVAC, pipes modeling and installation drawings for supports)
AutoCAD 14R/2000/2002/2004/2007/2009 (2D, 3D);
Microsoft Office (Excel, Word);
Windows XP/Vista/7;

Other skills/competences:

Good knowledge of naval information, fast accommodation in new place of work, persistent, ambitious, well organized, efficient, motivated; active collaboration and quick communication with members of work group for maximum efficiency in design and production activity also for elimination errors and dead times.